The Caroline Crow Designs Approach

Caroline Crow Designs strives to distinguish its luxury gemstone jewelry from others by putting forth a consistent level of effort, ensuring our creations are not only beautiful but sustainably sourced. This means you can feel just as good as you look when wearing one of our pieces. Read more about our approach to creating high-quality jewelry, then check out our shop to find a unique design that is all your own!

Locally Sourced Gold

The best kind of jewelry is the kind you can feel good about wearing. That’s why, at Caroline Crow Designs, we ensure all of our gold beads are locally sourced. This helps us minimize our environmental impact and ensures our products are being created through ethical means. 


Color, fashion, and everyday objects are sources of inspiration for our luxury gemstone jewelry. By handcrafting each piece, we can maintain a consistent standard and provide high-quality creations that are long-lasting and always beautiful. 

Years of Experience & Eye for Design

With over two decades of experience in buying, selling, custom design, and managing a private client concierge, Caroline, our founder, has lent her keen sense of style to designing several successful capsule collections. Her expert insights on trends, forecasting, merchandising, and color theory are what make her creations some of the best in the industry.

Everything is Made to Order

When you order a piece from Caroline Crow Designs, you’re getting a unique creation that has been put together just for you. All of our luxury gemstone jewelry is made to order, meaning it doesn’t sit around collecting dust until someone buys it. Instead, our gems are carefully stored until it's time to make a design. 

If you want a beautiful piece of high-quality luxury gemstone jewelry that is made with passion and care, Caroline Crow Designs is the place to go! Visit our shop to find the design that is right for you.