Brighten up your Fall Jewelry with these Colorful Trends

the fall 2021 color palette

To say that the last year has been somewhat muted in the fashion world and beyond would be an understatement. Not only were styles paired down to accommodate being housebound, but colors were serene and silhouettes were kept simple. The world expected and came to appreciate the calmness of powder blue and ease of dove gray...and they got a lot of it. 

 Fall fashion is still providing some of that calmness but there is definitely something else happening. Designers have added an element of whimsy and joy to their standouts this season. There is a blatant and bold statement that screams optimism and hope in the careful use of bright red, intense fuchsia and yellow, with the backdrops ranging from blush to red and the yellows, one of fall’s favorite colors, spanning everything from a very pale, almost butter, to pure bright sunshine.

The jewel tones we have come to expect from fall are also not forgotten this season as adobe clay and burnt orange have taken center stage at nearly every fashion show, and Mykonos Blue, Leprechaun Green and Root Beer have been dubbed some of the seasons ‘it’ colors. Still the calmness is there to remind us we are still working towards brighter days.

gemstone jewelry in autumn's must-have colors

Translating these color trends to jewelry, at Caroline Crow Designs we’ve taken to moonstone, jasper, rhodonite, calcite and variations of turquoise, incorporating them seamlessly into our collection. At the same time our new ocean and golden ombré collections offer more soothing palettes, and play off of our bestselling rainbow designs (btw, rainbow is very much fall-approved!). Whichever colors you prefer for this season, all of our handmade gemstone beaded bracelets and necklaces are ready for stacking and layering with your favorite fall looks.

Here are some must-have gemstone bracelets from Caroline Crow Designs in fall’s favorite palettes:

1. shades of pink

Liven up any look with these bold, pink beads. This rhodonite gemstone bracelet is one of our seasonal staples, especially for brightening up an all-neutral outfit.

2. Green Jewel Tones

Is there anything better than jewel tones in the fall? This anyolite gemstone bracelet with pops of purple aventurine beads is a sure sign that fall has arrived, and it looks dreamy.

3. Autumn Neutrals

Believe it or not, we love a neutral. And this sea sediment jasper, agate, and 14k gold beaded bracelet is just that. 

4. A Pop of Root Beer

Attract positive change in this gemstone stunner. A colorful combination of deep root beer brown and bright green calcite beads.

5. soft Ombre

No. 97 | Light Ocean Ombre and 14k Yellow Gold Bracelet, $390 and No. 95 | Bright Golden Ombre and 14k Yellow Gold Bracelet, $460

We’re year-round ombre fans and our ombre styles have become instant favorites for the fall 2021 season. Incorporate the beaded jewelry trend into your look with our blue-green, Ocean Ombre design with agate, aventurine, amazonite, sodalite, and lapis beads. Or, shine in our Bright Golden Ombre bracelet in shades of lemon yellow, pink, and orange with agate, moonstone, yellow serpentine jasper, yellow opal, and rhodochrosite beads. All marked by our signature 14k yellow gold beads custom made just for Caroline Crow Designs.