How to Wear Gemstone Necklaces


Gemstone necklaces are an incredibly versatile must-have for your jewelry collection. Caroline Crow Designs creates necklaces in a range of lengths to accommodate wearing long, short (16-18 inches are standard) or choker. Sometimes we like them so long they wrap (Hello, 2 in 1?). Anything and everything goes. Beaded necklaces are also perfect for layering. More lengths, more layers.

Want some real ROI on a gemstone necklace purchase? Wrap your necklaces around your wrist and wear them as bracelets.

Of course, there’s also the endlessly popular #neckmess. If you really want to see a hero in action here, look no further than a few of our favorites @girl.with.a.diamond.earring@katmojo, and @winterlemon_jewerly. These ladies play at the top of their game when it comes to styling a dinner party seated around the decolletage.

Here are a few considerations for elevating your gemstone necklace game from styling pro and Caroline Crow Designs Founder, Caroline Stangle.

Length of Gemstone Necklace

The length of necklace you chose should follow the neckline of a blouse, loose fitting sweater or tight tank. Wearing a top with ruffles around the neck? Go long. Crewnecks, turtlenecks, boat necks... they all require a little adjustment. Turtlenecks? You're in luck, they actually offer up a blank slate. While typically one would grab for the long necklace to draw the eye, chokers are actually quite chic and gaining popularity here. The true winner through? Adjustable necklaces, like those from our Caroline Crow Designs collection, are your best option. The ability to wear your gemstone necklace at any length makes it the most versatile styling hack you have. Don't lose sight of how many ways you can wear an adjustable gemstone necklace, it's like a pair of jeans that somehow always fit.

Great Lengths | Gemstone Necklace No. 13 | Bold Multi Gemstone and 14k Yellow Gold Choker

Short and Sweet | Gemstone Necklace No.14 | Bright Rainbow Gemstone and 14k Yellow Gold Choker

Styling Gemstone Necklaces

A gemstone necklace on its own has the power to transform any outfit. Pair a chunky gemstone necklace with a white t and jeans for a classic, effortless look. Our must-have piece? The Rainbow Gemstone and 14k Gold Necklace (dripping in coral, jade, obsidian, rose quartz, turquoise and more). Add a bold gemstone necklace to your favorite little black dress and take your best self straight into the night. Brighten up your office uniform, or these days, your zoom look with a fun statement necklace. Gemstone bracelets and necklaces are great because they allow you to show off your personality. They also allow you to play with color texture and shape all at once due to gemstones' natural qualities.

A Gemstone #Neckmess

Prefer to be amongst friends. No problem, we've got you covered. The #neckmess movement might be just for you. Here are three simple tricks to achieve bliss. First start with a base. Choose one bold bright gemstone necklace to get the party going. Your other weapon is the length. Typically the easiest way to achieve a solid neckmess that doesn't feel contrived or too out of control is to select a medium length necklace as your base. This allows you to move in both directions up and down, and also works with every individual neckline. It’s also smart because pendants will tend to fall below the mid length while chokers can be layered above. Finally it’s all about dimension. Make sure you add in a variety of textures, widths and materials. Once again Caroline Crow Designs comes to save the day.  The nylon cord provides a functional, utilitarian vibe that effortlessly balances that dainty chain.

More is more | Pair gemstone necklaces and bracelets from the Caroline Crow Designs collection with personal faves.  

Rainbow Gemstone Necklace |  Necklace No.1 | Rainbow Gemstone and 14k Yellow Gold Necklace

High-Low Gemstone Necklaces

Hands down best part of the neckmess, or any jewelry layering is going high-low. We all know this is truly the life of fashion and style. Start with your favorite colorful gemstone necklace (CCD gemstone faves: necklaces in turquoise, amethyst, lapis, and just about every shade of agate) to set the mood. Then add in the $20 strands you bought at the street fair on your way home Saturday night after one too many margaritas. Throw in your grandmother's delicate pearls (still trying to figure out if they're real or not but we love them just the same), your never-leave-home-without diamond tennis necklace and finally that vintage chain you love so much. neckmess with gemstone necklaces DONE.