On Trend for Summer | Gemstone Bracelets and Necklaces

the must-have Gemstone jewelry of the season

Pick up any magazine, check out your favorite blog, or look no further than your social media feed and it’s hard to miss the fact that casual, beaded jewelry is one of summer’s biggest trends, and gemstone jewelry is at the forefront. You’ll find us in good company in the latest Vogue article that highlights the return of summer camp jewelry from our youth. We love the way our own gemstone bracelets and necklaces pop with just the right amount of 14k yellow gold (the perfect compliment to your summer tan).

Throw on a simple white tee and you’re perfectly styled for the day. Or night. Easy to wear, easy to pack, and just plain fun, these are the feel good vibes we’re here for this summer. 

As Featured in Vogue | Gemstone Bracelet No. 15 | Rainbow Gemstone and 14k Yellow Gold Bracelet, $190


The seemingly endless array of bead colors to satisfy any palette and every look. While our must-have styles for summer usually include combinations of lapis, blue amazonite, and the eternal summer fave, turquoise, a stack is never complete without a rainbow beaded bracelet. In our jewelry collection, we’d go so far as to say it’s considered a neutral.

Aside from being juicy eye candy, gemstone bracelets and necklaces are incredibly versatile. We prefer to stack and layer pieces from the Caroline Crow Designs collection but we’re also big into an arm party, and down for a #neckmess where pieces from multiple collections in varying styles, materials, lengths and colors come together to create a carefree yet cohesive look.

The stone of summer  | Gemstone Necklace No. 12 | Turquoise, Amazonite and 14k Yellow Gold Necklace, $830

A colorful arm party | Ash wears layered gemstone necklaces and stacked beaded bracelets from our summer collection.

Coastal hues | Gemstone Necklace No. 11 | Lapis, Agate, Sodalite and 14k Yellow Gold Necklace, $960


Gemstone jewelry can be just as formal as it is fun. While we often style multiple gemstone bracelets and necklaces from the Caroline Crow Designs collection with fine jewelry to present a more dressed down, approachable look for summer, a more formal look can easily be achieved. We like to start with our Obsidian and 14k Yellow Gold design or White Agate and Shiny 14k Yellow Gold bracelet as a base layer, and add in our all gold stunner. Pair them with your own gold bangles and diamond tennis bracelet. A simple styling trick for effortlessly carrying a look into the night. 

Formal Affair | Bracelets No.38, No.39, No.36, and No.37


Strike the perfect balance between whimsy and polish by adding gemstone jewelry to your summer rotation. Feeling nostalgic for the days of spending hours designing and gifting friendship bracelets? Check out our custom bracelet builder and create your own gemstone bracelets. A perfect pastime, a perfect gift, a perfect way to celebrate summer. 

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